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Tradición Delizius Deluxe Jamón de Jabugo


Jabugo ham is the result of thousands of years of experience and an age-old tradition that has been passed down from parents to children. Through this experience, the art of selecting top-quality pigs has been learnt and the artisan curing and maturing system for making the best Jabugo ham in the world has been preserved.

The art of salting and curing ham is an ancient food legacy that has survived throughout the centuries. In fact, the first written references to the preparation of salted pork date back to the 2nd Century BC.

Delizius Deluxe  Delizius Deluxe delivers this delicious product straight to your home in different weights and in convenient packs with the option of including excellent accessories, such as the ham knife and the ham holder.


The Iberian pig is a native breed from the Iberian Peninsula that lives in the mountains all year round. Its origin and habitat make this a unique animal with distinctive features: it is lighter, leaner and has darker fur than other pigs, and it walks for hours every day to feed on acorn and plants, which give it its special flavour.
It has a genetic abnormality, which means that oleic fatty acids from the acorn penetrate deep into the animal’s muscle tissue, causing the characteristic streaks seen in Iberian Jabugo ham; this feature also makes this the juiciest and most succulent ham of all.


Jamón ibérico de Bellota Delizius Deluxe Calidad Artesanal


Delizius Deluxe Jabugo ham has obtained the Certificate of Quality from Calicer, the leading certification body in the Iberian ham sector and the first certification body authorised by the competent administration and recognised by ENAC [the Spanish National Accreditation Body] to certify in compliance with the Iberian ham standard.

In addition to respecting tradition and the environment, our company uses the latest online selling and logistics methods in order to offer our customers the best product, at the best price and in the shortest time possible.