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Jamón Ibérico Delizius Deluxe


To start cutting your Jabugo ham it is essential that you place it on a ham holder and use a specific ham knife. These knives are defined by their thin and long blade, which gives them the necessary flexibility for cutting. You also need a short knife to clean the ham and remove part of the fat.

Si vamos a consumir el jamón durante un período largo de tiempo, lo mejor es colocar la pezuña hacia abajo. De esta forma empezaremos por la babilla, que suele secarse antes que la maza, que es la parte superior donde se acumula la mayor cantidad de carne.

If you intend to eat the ham over a long period of time, it is better to place the hoof downwards. This way, you will start with the ‘babilla,’ since it usually dries before the ‘maza,’ which is the upper part with the largest amount of meat.

Once the ham has been placed on the ham holder, the first thing you need to do is remove the crust and the yellowish fat. Keep the fat to cover the Jabugo ham when you have finished cutting. Then make a deep cut in the leg, which you will use as a limit to start slicing.

Cómo cortar una Jamón Ibérico Delizius Deluxe


Now that you are ready to start slicing, the first thing you need to bear in mind is that the cuts should always be made horizontally and with the knife facing away from your body. In order to avoid accidents, never put your hands in the knife’s path. Cut gently and safely.

When the knife comes into contact with the meat, make a slight diagonal cut. Then turn the blade to put it flat in line with the ham and, with a to-and-fro movement, cut the ham in thin but not very long slices.

You can use the whole ham. When you finish the ‘babilla,’ turn your ham around and start with the ‘maza.’ You can cut the most difficult parts in dices for use in any number of recipes. Remember to cut safely and enjoy your entire Jabugo ham.

Jamón de Jabugo Delizius Deluxe cortado y emplatado


Jabugo ham should be consumed at an ambient temperature of around 21 ºC in order for the fat to release all of its flavour. The slices should be as fine as possible in order to enjoy the ham to the full.

Although Jabugo ham is an excellent product on its own, you can also combine it with a variety of flavours, always trying to use the secondary flavour to enhance that of the ham. Combining ham is an art in itself and we encourage you to try your favourite combination.

In addition to the classic pairing with red wine, we recommend combining the ham with beer, cava and rosé or white wines to cleanse the palate with the acidity of these products and enhance the fattiest flavour of the Jabugo ham.